Lydia Tucker, Director of Inside Sales, Zillow Premier Specialist, Trainer, REALTOR®

A striking and unique person with seemingly boundless energy, Lydia Tucker astounds.

Lydia is Director of Inside Sales at The Bob and Ronna Group, but it’s just as fair to say she’s Ronna’s right hand. Together, they tackle the daunting task of securing leads and addressing inquiries for the entire team. On an average day, Lydia fields 150 phone calls! Her favorite part of the job is helping clients who’ve had bad experiences in the past move forward, build a strong relationship with an agent, and ultimately find a home they love.

It’s because of her father, Jon Tucker, that Lydia decided to join the team. She was nervous to do so, “but they were so sincere,” she affirms, “I felt so comfortable.” In the end, it’s “all the giggles” that make it such a great place to work, she says. “It being dog-friendly, the laughs and the jokes; that’s uncommon in other work environments,” she says.

In her spare time, Lydia enjoys watching football with her boyfriend at the local bars, listening to offbeat music, and watching Startrek. She has eight pets: seven very pampered houseplants and one adorable australian shepherd-border collie mix.